If you struggle financially every month and are worried about how to pay your bills or if you make decisions based on "can I afford it," don't wait for your winning lottery ticket to come in. The odds are astronomical against that happening. 
Hello, I'm Keith Abell, a home business entrepreneur and founder of AIM High Consulting. I have good news for you. We are a group of committed business owners, individuals just like you, with a passion for helping others. 
We are dedicated to helping others start and run successful businesses from home to weather these tough economic times and to achieve their financial dreams. And for qualified individuals, with our proven model and track record, we can show you how to earn up to $3,600 to $7,200 per month (or more) with only minimal hours ... and even do it around a full-time job if you desire. 
Whether you are looking for a Part-Time income, a career change, or total financial and time freedom, we believe we can help.
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